my portfolio

My portfolio consists of a Digital, Marketing, Editorial and Branding design, across print and digital media. I work confortabably in all media.

You will find examples of my Photoshop skills, photography, typography, and use of Illustrator.

I give a brief descripion of how the final artwork was created, and what applications have been used in the process.

I hope you find it interesting.

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I’m 27 and live in Kent with my wife and son. I’ve worked within graphic design for over six years, and have always been a creative person: painting, sculpting, and more recently digital photography.

I’m a keen advocate of self-sufficiency: I enjoy growing vegetables in my garden, and I’m currently building a cider press with some of my friends.

I enjoy camping, but haven’t been for the last few years, as we’re pretty sure putting up a tent with our son will be less than enjoyable.

At this point you are probably thinking that I’m 57 rather than 27, but I do enjoy playing five-a-side football once a week while sporting my Wigan Athletic kit. I also like to think I have a great sense of humour, and no, the Wigan part isn’t a joke!

  • Favourite book: Yes man
  • Favourite film: Fight Club
  • Favourite TV programme: Never mind the buzzcocks
  • Favourite number: 54,321
  • Favourite colour: Green
  • Favourite font: rope from or comic sans
  • Favourite noise: My dinosaur impression
  • Favourite quote: “When two designers sleep together, it’s called kerning” Some bloke off facebook